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ISE Road Trip!

Wow, Tom McCarthy Associates had a great training session with ISE last week! The event was hosted by Jay Verjee, CEO of ISE and his father, Shafiq, the founder of ISE in their headquarters in Toronto. If you have never been to Toronto, you need to go. Even better if you can visit when we did during the NHL playoffs. They sure love that sport in Toronto! Most impressive is the city itself. A wonderful combination of people, culture, architecture and fun. We love NY but we also love Toronto. ISE also took us to the Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre. Great time had by all!

ISE is all about focus. They focus on specific product solutions for our customers and then become the best provider (or the only provider) of those solutions. A great example of this is the Line of Sight Multifunction Desks. Ever walk into a classroom or training room using monitors and experience hardware/wiring chaos? Not to worry, the Line-of-Sight series will make that problem go away!

Organizations are building spaces that support movement and variation for their teams and the individuals who make up those teams. Human beings are not designed to remain in a static position all day. We are designed to move! ISE’s make the best sit to stand desk on the market. Powered by Bosch engineering, these tables are the quietest tables you can buy. They are also a great value!


ISE has a full range of sit-to-stand options available to you.

The third big focus of ISE is ergonomic accessories like the beautifully designed Savoy Monitor Arm. Winner of the Red Dot award, the Savoy arm is a great combination of innovative design, function and value.


Explore ISE’s full range of options for Monitor Arms and other ergonomic accessories.

Thank you ISE team for putting together a great learning event! We learned so much and are ready to help provide our clients with innovative, smart and forward thinking solutions.