What's New

Splitty is here! New arrivals on its heels.

Koncept has officially launched its award-winning Splitty light. One of the most flexible lights in the Koncept collection, Splitty stands 17” high with a wide LED head that casts an even glow onto any surface. Designers Kenneth and Edmund Ng perfected the diffused light source with hidden LEDs so that the lamp performs as a radiant ambient light as well as a functional task light.


Z Bar Wall Sconce is another sleek new addition to the Z-Bar family. It can be hung horizontally, vertically, even diagonally on a wall or ceiling. The slim LED bar is rotatable, allowing users freedom to direct the light.


The new Sub Pendant boasts a minimalist profile and emits a soft, warm glow. A continuous line of LED light wrapping around the entire piece allows this pendant to function as both a task light for worksurfaces and ambient light for ceilings.