What's New

New Laser Technology by Group Lacasse

Groupe Lacasse laminate products can now take advantage of the LASER edgebanding application, thanks to their new equipment that now also offers this unique edge option.

The edgebanding is heated with a laser beam and fused to the laminate board for a stunning, seamless finish!

Advantages of laser versus traditional glue application:

  • Zero joint between the board and the edgebanding;
  • Consistent aesthetics for a flawless appearance;
  • Surfaces are easier to clean;
  • Greater resistance to moisture and impact.

Conditions and exclusions:

  • All furniture parts must be square or rectangular-shaped.
  • Rounded parts or those at angles other than 90° cannot be machined with the laser edge technology;
  • Concept 70 furniture with 71 or 72 textured edges cannot be made with a laser edge;
  • A 4% upcharge applies to the list price for each individual product made with the laser edge technology.

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