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Gather ’round.

When hybrid workers are in the office they need comfortable, functional, good-looking gathering spaces. We have exactly what you’re looking for with products from Groupe Lacasse, Cabot Wrenn, and more.



Hybrid work means heads-down work at home and gathering in the office! Quorum tables have a 16′ span with only four legs, cable management, multiple finishes/sizes, and great prices.

Quroum from Groupe Lacasse


Hip Hop Cafeteria

Arold Hip Hop from Groupe Lacasse allows you to create beautiful and personalized configurations. Combine rectangular, square, curved, and round elements to create the gathering spaces that people need right now.

Arold Hip Hop from Groupe Lacasse


Cabot Ping Pong

Adding recreational furniture that encourages people to take breaks can help increase focus and improve productivity – and it makes getting back to the office fun! Cabot Wrenn has partnered with 11 Ravens to create an exclusive collection of game tables. Made in Los Angeles of solid maple with multiple finish options to match every project.

Game Tables from Cabot wrenn


Via Seating Astro

Help hybrid workers ease into the week with collaborative lounge seating from Via Seating. Astro’s comfortable, nest-like seat is ideal for quiet reflection or catching up with teammates.

Collaborative + Lounge from Via Seating


Great work gets done around beautiful conference tables from Nevers. Hand-made attention to detail, great versatility, and enduring quality. Tables are available in 6 standard top shapes and sized in lengths from 8′ to 30′ and more.

americana collection from Nevers Industries


Gather in an Island office pod that thinks outside the box, with the flexibility to never box you in. Spacious design and ventilation technology give your team the breathing room to find their inspiration without interruption.

Island by Himark


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